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Once you have enjoyed exploring this site, here are some further links which may be helpful. They come from a wide variety of sources around the world. We've tried to keep this useful list of links updated : if you find any that have stopped working, or would like to suggest additions, please click to email us. I'm sorry a number of the links are broken - when I get time I will see which should be removed or rerouted.

The official Maldon town site


Aerial photo of battle-ground

This is part of a historical tour of Maldon

Google Earth - Battle of Maldon

Google Earth gives a much better aerial view

The Battle of Maldon

A site offering the original Intermediate Saxon verse

The Battle of Maldon

Commentary and photo (with tide out!)

Battle of Maldon

A very stylish site

The Battle of Maldon - translation

A translation by Bill Griffiths - book - see below

The Battle of Maldon - translation

A translation by Mary K. Savelli

The Battle of Maldon - translation

A translation by Douglas B. Killings

The Battle of Maldon - Oxford University

Online articles and further reading - a very comprehensive list from Old English Literature at the University of Oxford.

Battle of Maldon - Hypertext edition

Another resource being compiled by Oxford University

Viking Archaeology

A very useful set of links provided by the University of Strathclyde.

Singing the Song: Battle of Maldon

A translation by Jonathan Glenn

Commentary and Translation

More from Jonathan Glen from his own Lightspill web-site

A Note on the Battle of Maldon

The connections between the battle and the tapestry?

Viking Longship - Wikipedia

Wikipedia's reference page about Longships

The Viking Longship

About the Viking Drakkar by Jim Cornish

The Viking Network Web

The Vikings - what is myth and what is fact?

Viking Costumes

What did Vikings wear? Further background information.

Battle of Maldon 

The view of Imogen White from Dickson College, Australia

Battle of Maldon

Notes from University of Chicago

Anglo-Saxon Links

More links on relevant topics from Anglo Saxon Imports

Aerobics Reader(!) of Battle of Maldon

From the Old English course at the University of Virginia, USA.

The Battle of Maldon

Bibliotheca Augustana, a site based in Germany

British Battles: Battle of Maldon

A brief resume from the Britain Express site

Viking information from the BBC

The BBC site contains links to its own information following the series on the Vikings, and useful external links.

Sir Robert Bruce Cotton

The manuscript of the Battle of Maldon poem was lost by fire from his important library at Ashburnham House in 1731 (23 October to be precise!).

Sir Robert Bruce Cotton

Anglo-Saxon Charters - this site from the British Academy - Royal Historical Society commemorates persons who played important roles in the development of Anglo Saxon studies.

Regia Angelorum

Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman, and British living history. They aim to recreate a cross-section of life between AD950 and 1066..

Battlefield Resource Guide

Created by the UK Battlefields Trust

Battle of Maldon - Wikipedia

Wikipedia's reference to the battle.

Sound Recording of some of the AS Poem

Cambridge University's Old English Resources web-site

The Battle of Maldon - Translation

From WW Norton, New York (PDF file)

The Battle of Maldon commentary

An article writen by David Beard for Medieval World (Beard, D., 'The Battle of Maldon', Medieval World 1, July/August 1991). David Beard teaches rchaeology students from University of Oxford summer schools and from the Oxford online course on the Vikings

Sculpting the Battle of Maldon

Dr Steve Pastner's take on sculpting the Battle Of Maldon - his sculptures grow from his work as a University of Vermont and University of Michigan anthropology professor.

List of Anglo-Saxon web-sites
List of Viking web-sites

These two links are to pages of the Archaelogy in Europe web-site and give many references for further investigation.

Battle of Maldon Contempories

Literary Encyclopedia - Paul Cavill

Pirates of the Past: The Vikings

A comprehensive and easily accessible introduction to the Vikings

Resource Guide to Norse Mythology

A very accessible beginner's guide with lots of useful links - don't be put off by 'Death Wish Coffee'!

The British Library - link

The British Library holds a massive range of books and manuscripts. You can search their catalogue on-line for Battle of Maldon references.

Maldon information via YourLocalWeb

Link to Sutton Hoo information

A site maintained by the Sutton Hoo Society - magnificent images of the Anglo-Saxon treasures found at this site near Woodbridge in Suffolk, England, not too distant from Maldon in Essex.

Another translation can be found in:

'The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems'  - Kevin Crossley-Holland and Bruce Mitchell  - MacMillian  1967

More background information on the Battle of Maldon can be found in Derek Punchard's and Barbara Smith's chapters in:

 'Maeldune - Light on Maldon's Distant Past' published by the Maldon Archaeological Group. 1992  ISBN 0 9511948 1 X

Maldon Archaeology - Books & Reports

Derek Punchard now has published material on the web - click here.

Battle of Maldon Translation by Bill Griffiths - no longer appear available on line, but may be purchased Oxbow Books ISBN-13: 978-0-9516209-0-8
ISBN-10: 0-9516209-0-8

If you can still find a copy, a Maldon classic:

'Maldon and the River Blackwater (with Plan, Chart, and Numerous Illustrations)'  by E.A. Fitch  (1898?)  Published by Gowers Ltd. in Maldon.

'The Book of Maldon'  Ian Linton - Barracuda Books Ltd. 1984 ISBN 0 86023 185 2 has a brief section which puts the battle in context.


A new book, published in 2106, 'Tide' by Hugh Aldersey-Williams - The science and lore of the greatest force on earth - uses a short extract from Wilfrid Berridge's translation on this website on the effect of the state of the tides in the Battle of Maldon.

"From Cnut to D-Day: the history and science of the unceasing tide explored for the first time. Half of the world's population lives in coastal regions lapped by tidal waters. Yet how little most of us know about the tide. Our ability to predict and understand the tide depends on centuries of science, from the observations of Aristotle and the theories of Newton to today's supercomputer calculations. This story is punctuated here by notable tidal episodes in history, from Caesar's thwarted invasion of Britain to the catastrophic flooding of Venice, and interwoven with a rich folklore that continues to inspire art and literature today. With Aldersey-Williams as our guide to the most feared and celebrated tidal features on the planet, from the original maelstrøm in Scandinavia to the world's highest tides in Nova Scotia to the crumbling coast of East Anglia, the importance of the tide, and the way it has shaped - and will continue to shape - our civilization, becomes startlingly clear."

"Hugh Aldersey-Williams’s scholarly survey of the history of tides, from the Bristol Channel to the Bay of Fundy, is enlightening" (The Guardian)

"Hugh Aldersey-Williams travels to see the highest tides in the world in Canada, steps out on the Thames to go mudlarking and crosses Morecambe Bay at low tide" (THe Times)


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