Battle Site Pictures

The site of the battle of Maldon lies to the east of the town:

It is on the land around South House Farm, and a footpath leads from near the telephone box on the B1018 to Northey Island - there is no access for cars. The Island is owned by the National Trust and is a bird sanctuary.

The photo below shows the road leading down to the causeway to Northey Island.

The road to the island

The plaque marking the battle site:

The plaque marking the battle site

And the causeway to the island with the water just covering it can be seen below in the still water on the left:

The dramatic photo below of the causeway uncovered at low tide was taken by Chris Richards-Scully

Northey causeway panorama

Have you tried looking at the battle site as it is today using the excellent program Google Earth? You can just type in 'Battle of Maldon' and it will find the area for you, and you can zoom in to view the causeway, Northey Island, and the mid flats and marshes. Highly Recommended - Google EarthGoogle Earth

Viking swords