Brithnoth Statue

In October 2006, a new statue of Brithnoth was erected in Maldon on a site at the end of the Promenade looking down the river estuary towards the nearby battle site. The statue is very impressive being nine feet high and cast in bronze. Not only is it an attraction for visitors enjoying the Promenade on foot, but also makes a notable landmark for those in boats navigating the River Blackwater into Maldon.

New staue of Brithnoth on the PromThe new statue was created by a local sculptor John Doubleday who is famous for his London statues of Charlie Chaplin (Leicester Square) and Sherlock Holmes (Baker Street) and in Witham for his statue of the novelist Dorothy L. Sayers. The plinth of the sculpture depicts various Anglo-Saxon scenes relating to the area in the tenth century. It is understood that the sculptor first came up with the idea of a Brithnoth statue 36 years ago!

The statue was commissioned by the Maldon Culture Company and after a six year struggle for planning permission and obtaining funding amounting to £100,000. It was inaugurated on 21st October 2006 by Lord Petre (Lord Lieutenant of Essex) and H.E. Mr Bjarne Lindstrøm (the Norwegian Ambassador). The dedication was performed by the Rev. Richard Humphries, associate minister at All Saints' Church.


Essex Heritage Trust

Strong support and a grant was given by the Essex Heritage Trust of which Lord Petre is a Trustee.

Statue of Brithnoth - baseThe new statue of Brithnoth stands on a massive plinth and base.


Depicted are scenes from the battle, and of everyday life in Saxon times.


"Grant O Lord Thy Grace"





All photos by Alan Esplen

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